Chapter 10 - Page 15
Posted November 11, 2018 at 7:52 pm

UPDATE 22.06.2019: Finished version of this page is finally up, stand by for your yearly Pride illustration along with an announcement about updates resuming in July. (Patrons are already several pages ahead.)

UPDATE 18.05.2019: Hello, all! We're starting to get a lot of "is this comic abandoned" sort of comments and figured the best way to let all of you who stumble upon this site/page to know what's going on is to just make an update here:

No, the comic is not abandoned. We've been dealing with a LOT of real life personal issues starting from financial troubles to unemployment and Kromi's ever-growing collection of mental disorders. We simply haven't had the wherewithal to deal with the comic on top of everything else. We are HOPING to return to updates within a few weeks as of writing this, and you can always sort the Disqus comments by "newest first" to see if and when we've replied to something (because we do read the comments). We are both available on twitter (links are on the "about" page), the comic's own Twitter account posts updates on the situation every once in a while and our Discord server is still alive.

We love this comic, we fully intent on returning to it as soon as we are able, and we love you for being patient with us.

Erli & Kromi


I'm sorry for the lack of updates and that today, too, you'll only get an inked page. I'm having some trouble finding motivation to work on the comic for personal reasons. It sucks, I know, I hate this, but I'm hoping it'll get better. Thanks for sticking with us, anyway!

- Kromi

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