Chapter 10 - Extra - Pride 2019 - IMPORTANT: NO END IS RETURNING!
Posted June 29, 2019 at 1:23 am

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Happy Pride from the queer cast and the queer creators of No End! Be proud of yourself and love yourself, whoever you are.

And welcome to the return of the comic!


Patrons are already quite a few pages ahead and will remain ahead for quite some time, since we'll be having a small buffer this time around. The rest of you, be back on 14th for the regular twice a week updates! We are SO HAPPY to be finally back after all the hurdles (there's a public post on Patreon about everything, in case you want to know what the heck's been up with Kromi) and we hope you're looking forward to the comic continuing at least as much as we are!

Thank you for sticking around and supporting us through the tough times. We love you.

- Erli & Kromi


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