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These are answers to very random questions that were aimed at all the characters and cover a very wide range of topics. Some of this stuff was before Jerry was in the comic and most of it is from waaaay before Abby, so they don't always show up in the answers, and some answers include Sarah, who hasn't yet shown up in the comic.

Everything marked with (AU) refers to our general modern day AU, which is something you can read about on our Patreon. Just pledge $10 and grab over 200k words worth of AU "fanfic" written by us.
You can also assume all AU answers are true in canon as well, the only difference is the setting and no zombies.

New Years' Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are definitely something that have been forgotten during the years, but let’s assume they haven’t.

- Benny wouldn’t do any resolutions because he thinks they don’t matter: you either do something or you do not (there is no try), there is no need to strive to do something.
- Modra on the other hand would make all kinds of resolutions (study more, spend more time with friends, stop bad habits etc) and would probably forget most of them by the end of February.
- Cotton would probably promise that he’d do anything to attempt to keep his friends safe but he’d do that regardless of promises because he’s resolute like that by default.
- Jenn would think resolutions are pointless and it means more to just do the things she feels are right rather than make possibly empty promises.
- Wight would promise to try to find more reasons for himself to keep on going.
- Ramona would probably promise to eat less sweet, expensive stuff and spend less money on luxury items.
- Maverick would scoff at the whole thing.

How Would the Characters React to Scares

- Ramona would be easy to scare, but she would get super mad at whoever scared her.
- Jenn and Wight would be difficult to scare and attempting to do so might cost you your life
- Same with Cotton, but you could sneak up on him provided he is relaxed and concentrated on something else.
- Benny would be also very hard to sneak up on, because life on the road has taught him that if you relax even for a second, you are as good as dead.
- You know Modra… he is so easy to get a jump on and he would totally scream, fall on his ass and whine about it (and maybe a shed a tear or two if he got really scared).

How Do the Characters Sleep

- Modra sleeps quite calmly, usually on his stomach, arms under the pillow.
- Benny sleeps on his back, one hand on his stomach and one arm over his head.
- Cotton snores, sleeps all sprawled around, moves around rather restlessly and if he’s sleeping next to someone, he most likely cuddles closer without realizing it.
- Jenn sleeps on her side, doesn’t move a lot at all.
- Wight doesn’t sleep, but occasionally he just likes to lie down and close his eyes for a moment.
- Ramona sleeps on her back and is a huge blanket hog.
- Maverick sleeps on his side all curled up as small as possible and spoilers.

Do the Characters Cry Easily

- Cotton cries when he feels like it. Which isn’t very often since he tries to keep it together for as long as possible. (Has no dumb “men don’t cry” reason for it, he just knows he’s keeping the group together and if he falters, the others will follow).
- Jenn cries very rarely, but isn't embarrassed about it if she does.
- Wight doesn't cry at all (and not just because he’s likely unable to because of zombie business, he just doesn’t cry easily).
- Ramona doesn't cry easily at all, much for the same reasons as Cotton.
- Mav goes from “not at all” to “yes very” very fast. Thinks of course that crying’s for weaklings and tries to hide it or come up with an excuse.
- Modra... well, you know how he is, he's been crying a lot of his screen time in the comic, too...
- Benny cries very rarely, and more often from frustration than actual sadness.

How Would the Characters React to Meeting Someone They Had a Crush On

- Cotton wouldn’t really change his behavior one bit, would probably strike a friendly conversation, maybe tease them a little just for fun.
- The Wight of now would hide faster than light (if only because all his ex-crushes are military and probably wouldn’t think twice trying to get that sweet 4k bounty). The Wight of old would, depending on the crush, either go for a chat (and depending on the crush it’d be just your run of the mill “how’s it going?” or “well how are you doing? *waggles eyebrows*” kind of conversation) or run for the hills.
- Ramona would react the same way as the Wight of old.
- Maverick would pretend he never saw her and run away.
- Modra would start fretting “do I look good, did he see me, is he looking this way? ohmygod”, he’d be nervous but try to seem cooler than he is.

- Jenn stands in the sidelines watching all of this with a quirked eyebrow and thinks she’s glad she’s never had to deal with something like THAT.

Would the Characters Want to Get Married

- Cotton wants to have a family and settle down somewhere with someone he loves, marriage optional since he can likely never live in a military zone and it’d literally be just a meaningless sheet of paper for him.
- Jenn doesn’t really care.
- Wight doesn’t really care either.
- Ramona isn’t the marrying type, but she’d quite easily enter a marriage of convenience where she would be monetarily supported for the rest of her life or I suppose if she were completely head over heels for someone (and would still get some benefits).
- Maverick laughs until he’s breathless.
- Modra would totally want to get married. With a big wedding and all that jazz.
- Benny doesn’t really care (but thinks that he is never going to get married, because who would want to marry him).

What Kind of Students the Characters Were in School

- Cotton wasn't a very good student until he got to the special training where he shone despite his shyish personality.
- Jenn was an excellent student, best of her class no doubt.
- Wight was a bad to average student, didn’t have much interest in school.
- Ramona was an average student, did well enough.
- Maverick never went to school, but learned to read/write very quickly (taught by Ramona) and knowledge sort of sticks to him like glue.
- Modra was average, wanted to be better but didn’t really have smarts for it.
- Benny was an average student, nothing remarkable about him in school other than being very diligent.

Can the Characters Dance

- Cotton steps from side to side somewhat in rhythm, in best case scenarios. IMAGINE MALE SHEPARD DANCE FROM MASS EFFECT. That’s Cotton right there. Is not any better at ballroom either: more likely to step on his partner’s toes than not.
- Jenn moves pretty gracefully to begin with so she’d be a great dancer if she was trained or she cared. Instead, she just sways.
- Wight's a bit like Jenn: he could be really good if he cared. Past Wight dancing could probably draw a crowd.
- Maverick: “'Cause I can’t dance baby, I just can’t get in trance”
- Modra can shake his butt at the club very well!
- Benny is way too self-conscious to dance. But given a little alcohol and some persuasion, he might do okay on a dancefloor.

What Kind of Parents Would the Characters Be (AU)

- Cotton would be a very good parent, only a tiny bit too lenient sometimes and prone to spoiling his kids. Also EMBARRASSING. He’d tell dad jokes and think he’s super funny and “hip” and embarrass the kid in front of their friends. He’d want to be his kid’s friend on social media where the kid would have to block him because he’d keep posting embarrassing shit and tagging them, posting unflattering pictures and butt into conversations with their friends. He’d be heartbroken for days if the kid didn't follow him back and blocked him though.

- Wow it’s so difficult to imagine either Jenn OR Wight as parents. Wight could probably be an ok dad when he’s a LOT OLDER and mellowed out and not as self-centered. If he got a kid right now he’d have child care services after his ass pretty fast. After that though he’d be an average dad, maybe too lenient and letting the kid pretty much go as they please.

- Jenn would be super strict and drag her kid out to all kinds of activities and hobbies (music lessons, art lessons, sports; she’d try out them all until she found something the kid likes and wants to keep doing. She’d be super disappointed if the kid didn’t want to do any hobbies and instead preferred, like, just going to the playground and playing in the sandbox) because she’d want her kid to be successful at whatever they end up doing. She’d also pay for private schools and everything just to ensure the kid gets the best education possible.

- Ramona would be a great mom: in canon she’s already raised one super difficult kid and she knows the mistakes she’s made, so she’d probably be the best parent out of this lot.

- Maverick doesn’t really like little kids as singular units, which is… not really ideal for someone who wants to become a teacher, but he has his personal reasons for the career choice, and he doesn’t outright HATE kids. He doesn’t want children of his own, though: he believes he might not be a very good full-time parent and actually raise a decent kid. (He somewhat starts considering it when he’s in his late thirties though and in truth he’d be a pretty good parent and able to raise pretty good kids).

- Modra is kind of parenting type, but then again not really. He too would be way too lenient and he would probably focus on the wrong things. Like what the child is wearing (they have to look cute!) and actual upbringing might be a bit nonexistent. Modra would be like one of those annoying soccer moms, whose kids run around the store screaming and when they don’t have their way they scream some more, and Modra would ignore them and be elsewhere all like “yes but, how many E-codes are in this thing? I don’t want my children to be filled with chemicals!”.

- Benny is so not a parent! He doesn’t like kids very much (there are two or three kids he considers kinda nice), but if he had one, he’d probably be very strict dad, since he doesn’t like fussing and unnecessary shouting and things like that.

How Many Crushes Have the Characters Had (Before the Start of the Comic)

Only counting serious ones, not the likes of “I think that person is kinda attractive and nice I’ll ask them on a date with me/I’ll adore them from afar without even planning to make a move”.

Cotton: Two
Jenn: Zero
Wight: About a gazillion ok only serious ones: six
Maverick: Two
Ramona: I’ve deliberately kept Ramona’s relationship history relatively simple and condensed it into “crapload of girlfriends” but serious crushes probably something around ten to fifteen.
Abby: One
Benny: Four
Modra: King of having crushes, Modra has probably 20+ serious crushes. He falls head over heels in love with people.
Jerry: Six

What Flower/Plant Symbolizes the Characters

Cotton: Common hazel
Wight: Chrysanthemum (white incurve)
Jenn: Viola tricolor
Ramona: Sunflower
Maverick: Spear thistle
Modra: Cornflower
Benny: Lily of the Valley
Jerry: Poppy
Abby: Bird's foot trefoil

Which Character Smiles the Easiest

Modra is the easiest to get crying, the easiest one to get to smile is a tad tougher one. Ramona smiles a lot but some of it is out of politeness or to ease off people around her, but she has sincere smiles as well so yeah she might be the easiest. If upcoming characters can be included, in that case Sarah is the easiest one to get smiling.

What are Each Character's Best Physical Features in Their Own Opinion

- Cotton is so goddamn modest he’d be hard-pressed to admit anything, but after enough gentle coaxing he’d maybe say something like “hands” or some other random lone feature.
- Wight remains quiet and mutters something unintelligible: he doesn’t really like anything about himself that much physical features-wise anymore. (Jonah would be all "everything, ofc".)
- Jenn: Her hair and hands.
- Ramona: Basically everything, but her self esteem is made of adamantium or something and she loves herself the way she is. Generally she loves her figure, and although it took a long time of her to come to terms with her hair now she loves it (her hair was an everyday pointless fight before she decided to have a hairdresser turn it into locs: probably needless to say that hair made of very kinky curls, which is what Ramona’s natural hair is, can be a complete disaster to care after on the road).
- Maverick: Basically everything of course what do you think?
- Modra is very vain but also has a little bit of self esteem issues, so he either loves himself or hates himself, depending on his mood. Usually he doesn’t have problems with his hair and he also loves his cheekbones and lips.
- Benny doesn’t like anything about himself.

Favorite Swear Word

Cotton: Bullshit/horseshit/any kind of shit really.
Jenn: Fuck.
Wight: F-fuck.
Ramona: Fuck.
Maverick: ALL. OF. THEM.
Benny: Fuck.
Modra: Oh my god (does it count?)


- Cotton wants to have a family one day so yes, he wants children. Two would be ideal but he’d settle for one.
- Ramona is pretty much perfectly done with children after having taken care of Maverick for thirteen years and as of now isn’t hankering for more.
- Jenn has zero interest.
- Wight doesn’t see himself as a parent at all.
- Maverick would probably burst out laughing if someone asked if he wanted to have kids someday. (His stance on the matter is “Who the fuck would want to bring children into this fucked-up world in the first place? People are fucking mad”).
- Benny doesn’t want kids, he just doesn’t see himself as a parenting type at all, and he finds children kind of annoying most of the time.
- Modra kinda drifts inbetween. Sometimes he wants kids, sometimes he doesn’t.

Favorite Foods (canon)

- Cotton likes meat, venison most of all (he loves the game-y taste). If the meal has meat, whether it’s stew or just plain steak or something, he’s game. Also loves coffee.
- Wight does not eat, but back when he was still alive he was pretty much like Cotton, but preferred fish to red meat.
- Jenn likes vegetarian foods but isn’t strictly vegetarian because if you live on the road like she does, sticking to vegetarian diet is a pretty bad idea because protein is scarce. So she does eat red meat but doesn’t particularly enjoy the taste unless the meal’s laden with veggies. She’s alright with fish and actually somewhat likes poultry. BUT if she has the option, she always goes for the vegetarian one.
- Ramona is all about spices. Anything with good seasoning. Spends lots of money to acquire rarer spices from southern merchants. Also loves sweet pastries and chocolate (which is a rare treat) and she would probably die of happiness if she had the chance to taste something like chili chocolate.
- Maverick likes breakfast foods like eggs and bacon (which is expensive though because that’s the way pork is) and hash browns and looooves hot chocolate (without sugar: he sort of dislikes sweet stuff and prefers his desserts to be more tangy and sour).
- Modra is like Jenn, he prefers vegetarian food, but he eats meat too, because it’s the easiest option on the road. His favourite food is stuffed bell peppers and he LOVES cheese.
- Benny has a sweet tooth, but from actual foods Benny likes fish a lot. Smoked salmon is his favourite.

What Emotional Trait Are the Tharacters Most Attracted to

Gosh this is hard.

Cotton: Kindness and a positive attitude.
Jenn: Intellect.
Wight: Kindness.
Ramona: (Self-)confidence.
Maverick: Understanding (empathy?) and trustworthiness.
Modra: Kindness and loyalty.
Benny: Honesty.


Benny: 3rd of April (Aries)
Modra: 25th of February (Pisces)
Jerry: 23rd of November (Sagittarius)
Sarah: 1st of June (Gemini)

Kromi’s crew doesn’t have set birthdays (because I haven’t found a reason to do se ehehe, sure I think about worldbuilding details but birthdays pffft), but they have zodiac signs and you’ll have to do with those.

Cotton: Leo
Jenn: Virgo
Wight: Gemini
Ramona: Cancer
Maverick: Birthday unknown in canon but he’s Scorpio
Abby: Capricorn

What Physical Trait Are the Characters Most Attracted to?

- Cotton likes tall blondes who have a nice butt.
- Jenn finds dark skin and dark hair aesthetically pleasing
- Wight likes well-built, taller, “strong” men with brown eyes
- Ramona actually doesn’t have preferences about the way her partners look (her dating history is veeeery colorful and you’d be hard pressed to find a lot of common appearance traits with her girlfriends) but she is very attracted to femininity, power, success, self-confidence and individuality
- Maverick doesn’t really have a type looks-wise, he’s attracted to different people for different reasons, but he likes individuality and the kind of people who stand out from the crowd for one reason or another
- Benny likes redheads and that is pretty much the only physical feature he is attracted to. Freckles are a plus.
- Modra likes tall muscular men who take care of their appearance.

How Loud are the Characters During Sex?

- Sarah’s the loudest.
- Mav can be but most of the time he’s too self-conscious and more likely to bite his tongue so I suppose he can stay quiet the best.
- Wight used to be loud and he liked dirty talk a lot.
- Jerry’s usually quiet, but can be loud when the circumstances are right.
- Cotton and Benny are both pretty quiet.
- Ramona is generally quiet but can put up a real show if her partner likes it.
- Modra falls somewhere in the middle.
- Jenn: no.

Who's the Biggest Drama Queen?

Kind of depends on the situation. Modra is maybe a solid 3, and Benny is either a 0 or 5.

Everyone from Kromi’s crew can overreact and be melodramatic if the situation’s right, but Maverick takes the crown no doubt about that, and Cotton and Jenn probably share the second place. Jonah used to be a huge drama queen, not at all anymore.

Ramona’s the least likely to make any kind of a scene.

How Would the Characters Act Around Their Crush

- Cotton acts completely normal but ofc flirts with the crush. He does act a bit cautious if he isn’t certain that the crush likes him back and in that case he takes a very passive stance. He only tells his crush about his feelings if pressed about it.
- Wight just tells his crush that he likes him or finds him attractive, no problem. He's a bit more wary about it now, but you saw he didn't really hide his attraction towards Modra.
- Ramona's the same as Wight, she just goes to her crush and tells her that she likes her without any pointless dilly-dallying.
- Jenn would become pretty awkward and didn’t know how to act normally and it would make her frustrated and she could even lash out at her crush because the situation is so alien to her. She would probably avoid being near her crush until she gets her feelings sorted out.
- Mav is a dumbass baby with zero self-confidence in the matters of romance and he can’t handle the mushy feelings or know what to do about them because “surely that person doesn’t like me back”, so he does the whole “shy person with an obvious crush” thing with blushing and avoiding eye contact and also lashing out at them in frustration when it gets too unbearable. Then he tries to deny his feelings and “get over it” while trying to catch the attention of his crush one way or the other, usually by doing nice things for them.
- Benny is a bit awkward around their crush. He blushes if the crush says anything suggestive or flirtatious and he tries to impress them. He would have to gather a huge amount of courage to tell his crush that he likes them, because he is so afraid of being rejected and ending up looking dumb.
- Modra would flirt a little, but he is sometimes a bit on the awkward side too. He would just hang around his crush and make heart-eyes at him, and would eventually tell him.

What Part Would the Characters Want to Change About Themselves?

- Cotton would change the way he reacts to worrisome situations so that he would switch to tactical thinking mode first instead of just charging in without thinking just because his loved ones are in danger (because that usually doesn’t help as much as it just causes more trouble).

- Jenn would also hope that she’d always remain calm, cool and collected in stressful and emotional situations.

- Mav would probably change some things that happened to him in the past rather than change anything about himself (short-sightedly thinking that changing those things would change him for the better as well).

- Wight would change his condition.

- Ramona wouldn’t change a thing because she thinks she’s learned from her mistakes and unlike Maverick she wouldn’t change the past because it wouldn’t necessarily turn things better (I hope she’d tell that to Mav too).

- Modra would like to change his naivety, because it has gotten him hurt before and people don’t respect him because of it.

- Benny would want to be calmer and not have such a hot temper so that he wouldn’t get angry so fast.

Who Are the Best Fighters

Depends on what kind of fighting.

If it’s shooting at things Wight and Benny are the most accurate.

Cotton is the most tactical and better at handling rapid fire weapons and incapacitating a lot of targets in the shortest time.

Jenn’s the best with handguns, but since her weapon of choice is a .44 magnum, she is also accurate because she needs to make every shot count because the weapon’s recoil is ridiculous on her (fun fact: in the RP Jenn’s weapon of choice was a semi-automatic crossbow, but we left it out because it’s really freaking hard to draw and we’re already losing our minds trying to draw all the guns somewhat accurately, haha).

You have seen how Modra shoots.

Only Maverick is worse than Modra, because he can’t aim for shit.

Ramona dislikes handling firearms, but carries a shotgun outside of zones and with that you don’t really have to worry about accuracy at least. She’s still better than Modra.

If it’s hand-to-hand or some other melee combat, Maverick is probably the best because he’s fast and smart and good at anticipating what his opponent is going for, and it’s a bit easier to aim a baseball bat than a gun to someone’s head.

Cotton’s a close second because of his sheer strength.

Jenn’s the third because basic military training and she's very quick and and agile.

Wight avoids close combat because he’s neither strong nor fast, but he has military training as well.

Benny can hold his own in a fistfight well enough because he’s fast, but obviously he prefers firearms.

Ramona and Modra are completely useless.

Oh and if it’s verbal, Maverick, Benny, Jenn and Ramona can all give some serious lashings. Cotton as well to a smaller degree.

What Kind of Tattoos Would the Characters Have

I can’t even imagine Cotton, Wight or Jenn with tattoos and I don’t think they care for ink at all.

Ramona I can easily imagine getting some pretty small tattoos like colorful flowers and vines and birds in places where no one else would see them unless you took off her clothes.

Cotton might be embarrassing enough to get some super generic tribal-style tattoos on his biceps, now that I think about it…

Modra is pretty happy with the ones he has, so he isn’t yearning for more. He likes simple, graphic tattoos a lot, like the ones he has. And for him tattoos are purely aesthetic, he gets them because he wants to, and there is no deeper meaning behind them.

Benny isn’t really a tattoo guy either. I really can’t imagine him having one. BUT if I really stretched my imagination (talking AU stuff here), I think he might get japanese style things, like koi fish.

Maverick already has a quite a big piece on his side and back.

Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

- Cotton likes just plain ol’ beer. The less watered down the better (it’s difficult to get beer that’s not some completely watered down swill outside military zones).

- Jenn and Ramona prefer wine.

- Wight doesn't drink, but Jonah didn't have a preference: as long as it has alcohol in it and it tastes somewhat sweet, he was game. He probably drank whatever are the No End world equivalent of cocktails.

- The sweeter the better for Modra. He is definitely a cocktail person, but in a fancier event he would order wines (so he doesn’t seem crude).

- Benny doesn’t know his favourite, since he hasn’t tasted any alcohol drinks before.

- Maverick's the same as Benny.

Who are the Best Singers

Sarah without a doubt. She has actually trained singing a bit (even in canon), and she could sing you into a swamp if she wanted to. She's not a bad rapper either.

Benny is not good. He can probably sing in tune, but it’s not really that pleasant to listen at.

Modra is okay, and he is one of those people who are not afraid of singing in public. Modra also thinks he is better singer than he really is.

Jerry has a pleasant, quiet sort of voice, but he doesn’t sing because he thinks he can’t.

Cotton and Maverick are tone deaf. It doesn't stop Cotton from attempting to sing sometimes but Mav stays quiet.

Ramona LIKES to sing and she's decent, but she knows that she doesn’t have the best voice or good range for it (not that it stops her from singing when she wants to).

Wight and Jenn are ok, Wight obviously not anymore. Jenn has good range, but she doesn't use it because she doesn't sing often. She used to sing lullabies to Wight.

Abby is very good and they have a pretty impressive vocal range, but they’re untrained so they don’t use it much for actual singing.

What Kind of Drunks Are the Characters

- Modra is a very emotional drunk. And he is very prone to crying. At first he cries of how much he loves you and how amazing you are, and when the buzz is gone, he starts crying about how no one loves him and how stupid he is.

- Benny is an angry drunk. His already short fuse gets cut in half. He is not very pleasant to be around when he is drunk, but at least he doesn't start physical fights unless given reason or he's attacked first.

- Cotton is just laid-back, a bit more cheerful and knows when to stop so that he won’t go overboard, so basically you won’t notice much difference aside from elevated mood. He's very lightweight though.

- Jenn doesn’t drink more than a glass of wine every now and then and that isn’t really enough to make you notice any kind of change in her behavior. If she drinks enough to get a bit of a buzz going she just mostly stays silent because she gets irritated REALLY FAST at how she’s unable to articulate herself properly.

- Ramona gets hyperactive, cheerful, demands to have music so that she can dance and probably tries to rope everyone around her into something like going to a club or doing something a bit ourageous. She also has no inhibitions and she’ll be coming onto you like a freight train if she finds you attractive. She usually ends up drinking too much and blacking out.

- Wight doesn’t drink anymore (when he did his behavior was very similar to Ramona’s, except about a thousand times more promiscuous).

(- When Maverick is “old enough” to drink and eventually gets drunk for the first time, first he finds everything very funny but then he gets depressed very fast and super annoyed at how he can’t see straight or articulate properly and he doesn’t find it a very fun experience. He might cry. And he would hate the morning after for so many reasons.)

[Dirty Questions]

I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t be able to handle dildo talk, I mean, come on, they’re grownups, they can talk about sex without feeling uncomfortable (as long as it’s not about their personal sex lives in which case some of them *cough* Mav *cough* might be a little less forthcoming). Benny might blush a little, sex talk isn’t his favourite subject.

About sex positions everyone would just politely tell you that “it’s none of your business :)”. Oh, except Mav would just tell you to “fuck off with your stupid-ass questions and leave me alone” while trying to hide that he's flustered.

As for dick sizes, Cotton would deadpan that his is nine inches flaccid and Maverick would be quick to reply “the same as Cotton” (still flustered). Wight would politely tell you that it’s none of your business and depending on circumstances, add: “why don’t you come and find out? ;)”. Benny would refuse to tell anything and kindly (not) inform you to fuck off with your invasive questions. Modra would say that unless you two are in an intimate relationship, there is no need for you to know.

Ramona would deadpan that her dick is bigger than all the dudes here put together and everyone would concede.

What Dogs Would the Characters Be

Modra: Chinese Crested.

Benny: Siberian Husky.

Cotton: St. Bernard

Jenn and Wight: Afgan Hounds.

Maverick: Some mixed breed stray dog with at least some Finnish Spitz in him.

Ramona: Labrador Retriever.

Jerry: A mix of Belgian Shepherd, Irish setter and borzoi.

Sarah: German Pincher.

Abby: Doberman.

What Animals Would the Characters Be

Modra: Either a bird or a horse. Peacock as a bird, and as a horse he would be arabian, either a blue roan or dapple gray coloured.

Benny: Great wolverine.

Cotton: A very big, friendly dog.

Jenn: Fox.

Wight: He’d be either a mouse or a peregrine falcon I KNOW THERE’S NOT MUCH IN COMMON, but there you have it.

Ramona: Lioness.

Maverick: A very unfriendly mixed-breed stray cat. Red tabby, definitely.

Crow: Wolf.

How Well Can Everyone Cook, Ranked from Best to Worst

Cotton & Abby
Mav & Wight

What Do the Characters Like the Most/Least About Themselves

Cotton Is so ridiculously modest it’d take him quite a lot of coaxing to admit that he likes ANYTHING about himself, and then he’d probably say just something like ‘loyalty’. The things he likes the least are that he can be overprotective and sometimes stupidly sacrifice-myself-for-the-good-of-others heroic.

Jenn acknowledges that she’s very smart and probably thinks that’s her best quality. Doesn’t like how emotions ruin some perfectly logical things for her.

Wight would not admit there’s anything good about him (oh yeah except that he’s pretty fucking amazing with any weapon that requires pinpoint accuracy), and he dislikes his looks.

Ramona likes her looks. She’s not outright VAIN, she just… has really good self-esteem in that department. She wouldn’t admit to having any downsides but deep down she knows some shit she’s done isn’t completely alright and she still has things to make up for.

Maverick would just outright lie that there ain’t a fucking thing that ain’t great about him and deny the existence of any kinda shortcomings because it ain’t none of your goddamn business and also he’s fucking perfect, aight? (The most: he’s good at being sneaky; the least: pretty much everything else).

Benny likes his craftmanship. He is actually really good at building woodwork stuff, especially useful things. And he likes his temper the least.

Modra does like the way he looks. He is bit vain and likes to take care of his looks. He likes his own naivety the least. He is way too easily fooled and lead on by people, and that can get him hurt.

What Kind of Tumblr Blogs Would the Characters Have (AU, obvs)

Cotton wouldn’t have a Tumblr, he’s really not the type to have one. He doesn’t really even use the internet that much (he’s a bit clueless about computer stuff), probably only follows news and sports sites (mostly about football of the American kind) and uses Netflix. He would also be The Embarrassing Dad on Facebook.

Wight’s Tumblr blog is mostly full of anime and cute guys in underwear. He'd make day-to-day vlogs on Youtube.

I don’t see Jenn having a Tumblr either, I figure she’d have a more personal blog somewhere else, on Wordpress perhaps, since she enjoys writing and doesn’t find Tumblr a very good platform for just writing/everyday blogging. She might be oldschool enough to go on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.

Ramona reblogs fashion and pictures of food and maybe posts her own recipes sometimes. She also probably engages a little in some fandom discussions about whatever is her favorite TV series at the moment and posts an occasional selfie or two. She would definitely have an Instagram for OOTD and cooking.

Maverick would be a giant troll, active on pretty much every social media platform and fight a lot with people mostly about current news topics and videogames. He’d have an inbox full of angry anons. Also he reblogs cute cat pics and videos. He'd also be fighting on Twitter, videogame forums, Youtube comments and in news article comment sections. He also streams games on Twitch. He has a separate, secret blog for his drawings.

Abby would reblog inspiring/pretty/weird aesthetic photos that interest them and sometimes current news topics or some curiosities. They rarely comment on anything or take part in conversations, they might put something in the tags though.

Jerry doesn’t spend that much time on computers, he prefers reading, plus his computing skills are limited to parent-level (you know the type: “Dad, don’t use Internet Explorer…”). He reads the news and maybe some blogs and uses email, but that’s about it.

Modra’s blog would have lots and lots of fashion and clothes and home decor. And also lots of selfies and pictures of his Starbucks drinks and what he had for lunch, because his Instagram is synced with his Tumblr.

Benny wouldn’t use Tumblr, he really doesn’t care for social media. He is probably on Facebook because someone (Sarah) forced him. He does read blogs and watches gaming videos on YouTube.

Sarah is your average Tumblr user. She would reblog about her fandoms and random funny stuff. She would also post her own drawings too.

What Are the Characters' Ideal Dates Like

Modra likes something overly romantic, like dinner at a nice restaurant, maybe some sort of entertainment, walks in moonlight and all that jazz.

For Benny it doesn’t really have to be that special, as long as it’s just about him and them. Dinner at home, spending time together, very simple things.

Cotton would also enjoy very simple things like just spending some time alone with the person he’s with and giving them his undivided attention. Private dinners, walks in a park, a movie: really basic stuff.

Ramona likes going out and is probably the only one who wouldn’t mind at all if the date was in a club or some other crowded public place. Although she’s a bit romantic by heart she doesn’t really care much for romantic gestures or candlelight dinners unless she's very smitten. Leave the flowers at home, but you can bring the chocolate.

Jenn doesn’t really know, but she thinks that if she were to go out with someone she’d prefer a pretty traditional approach to it. She’d like a place where she could just talk with her date in peace.

Mav would like to keep it as private as possible. He’d just take his date up to his favorite rooftop with something nice to eat and watch the stars together.

Jerry is just as boring as the others: he would appreciate peace and quiet with their date the most. Long conversations, a good laugh, maybe a dinner they cooked together.

Sarah would definitely want something to do! Idea of just lounging around is not very appealing to her. As long as there are activities and fun, she is game.

Abby is a bit boring as well, preferring quiet, private dates with just them and their partner. It wouldn’t be completely out of the question for them to do something more ‘exciting’ if their date wanted to, though: they pretty much just go with the flow.

From Least to Most, How Long Do the Characters Spend in Bathroom

Well, since make up and such things are really, REALLY expensive and rare, there is really no reason to spend more time in the bathroom than absolutely necessary.

So maybe from least to most time Wight > Maverick > Benny > Jenn > Cotton (if he has to shave, otherwise quick) > Modra (he is incredibly vain) > Ramona (takes long ass showers and sometimes uses make up).

And this is assuming there’s an actual bathroom available somewhere. Obviously the same doesn’t apply on the road.