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- Modra is usually very concerned of the physical well-being of his friends and notices when things are wrong.

- Modra is a pretty even mix of both of his parents. He has his father’s nose. He gets his personality from his maternal grandmother.

- Modra would love some truth or dare. He would mostly stick to truths, because they are much more juicier.

- Modra’s name is very much tied to his design. When Erli did the first sketch of him, he was all dressed in blue with blue hair and eyes and she decided to name him after the color. "Modra" means "blue" in Slovenian, Slovak and Czech, which is where his family would originate from if No End’s world was our world. His last name "Blauschild" is retconned: it used to be another word for blue (well, it still has that blue element to it), but it clashed so much with the other characters in the story that it was changed it into something more appropriate to his origins.

What IS a pretty amazing coincidence is his Cotton-given nickname “puppy boy” and that “madra” means “dog” in Irish.

- Modra wears simple saddle-shaped black plugs (around 10mm/00 gauge) in his ears.

- His tattoos are just aesthetic in nature and a result of a fashion craze in Zeus. He got them done in Zeus, in a tattoo/beauty/hair parlor. He had only one arrow done when he was 17 because he couldn’t afford to get all of them at once (his parents really didn’t support him in this). He added the other two a couple of years later.

- Modra's parents are old, they waited a long time until getting children because Modra’s mother wanted to secure a good rank in the military first.

- Modra needs to be doted in romantic relationships.

- Modra can’t stand Cotton’s sense of humor.

- Modra tiptoes the genderqueerness line a little, but it’s mostly that he doesn’t shy away from stuff that’s stereotypically feminine and masculinity is a big ??? to him and he just does his own thing without caring about gender roles. He would be alright with they/them pronouns and a genderqueer/nonbinary label.

- Modra attended military school from 8-12 and then left for civilian high school and then university after that to study law. In military schoolthey learn basic survival skills and basics of handling firearms. Modra comes from Zeus which is the biggest and safest military-controlled zone, and he’s from a privileged and respected military family, so he was expected to have a career in the military, which would have meant that he would have received more advanced military-oriented training in firearms and dealing with the undead (even though his career would have probably ended up being that of a pencil-pusher because due to his gentle nature he’s a bit of a coward and not suited for the kind of action military personnel face from the undead and other threats like bandits and criminals). However he never did any of that because he left the military school at the age of 12.

Anyway prior to the comic Modra had only learned the basics of handling firearms, fired small caliber ones at stationary targets, and had never seen actual undead aside from very far and within a controlled environment which means he was never in any danger in the situation. If he had not chosen to leave Zeus, Modra would have continued to live the life of wealth and comfort, although he did leave the military (his parents did not disown him although they were disappointed and did not condone his decision to go live with civilians: they are likely hoping he’d change his mind at some point). There are many, MANY people in Zeus who have never seen undead in their life, because the zone’s borders are patrolled constantly, and any and all undead are destroyed before they even get near, and the zone hasn’t been hit by a horde in Modra’s lifetime. Modra had no idea how grueling life on the road is in reality.

Modra doesn’t have an anti-gun sentiment (unlike us, which is why we make this following point): the reason he took out the "bullets from his gun” (in chapter five, and note that he doesn’t even know the correct terminology of his shotgun) is explained at the end of chapter three: Modra shot an innocent man without planning to do so (even if it was in self defense) and tells Jenn how he is haunted by the experience. At the start of the comic he fires at Jenn and the others, leaving him with a history of being way too trigger happy. The biggest hint of how much training Modra has had with firearms has been there all along: everyone else, even Benny, who is a civilian kid but obviously trained in using firearms, keeps their finger off the trigger when they’re not ready to shoot (trigger discipline), which is one of the first things taught to anyone about handling a firearm. However Modra’s finger is always on the trigger (except for the first time he’s seen holding his weapon at the very start of the comic). He’s scared, doesn’t know what to expect and he hasn’t received a lot of training with firearms. He also tells Wight he should practice shooting while they talk at the end of the first chapter, so he knows himself he’s not good at it either.

Bottom line: Modra is very sensitive and soft character and shooting an innocent man traumatized him and he's now reluctant to use guns so that there wouldn’t be any more accidents. Also the people he travels with are armed to the teeth: he thought he could get away without a gun, especially after he saw how they dealt with the undead before: from distance and with precision. The undead are not that big of a threat outside because there is so much space and the undead can’t sneak up on you, especially if you travel in a group and remain vigilant of your surroundings. No one expected they would run into someone like the twins.

Since Modra is not used to travelling and the dangers of the wilds AT ALL. He’s shocked when Wight tells him the horde that hit Hades might have been as big as a hundred undead.

Moreover, Modra has known Benny for years (how else would he know so much about Benny’s personal history that he tells Wight at the end of first chapter?), it’s stated several times that they are friends, and they indeed left Zeus together. Modra would have never in a million years left alone (no matter how much he wanted to get out), because he knows he sucks at everything related to survival (except medical skills). Benny’s been traveling longer (working as a courier), before picking up Modra at Zeus: later on Benny thinks he shouldn’t have taken Modra with him at all after seeing how Modra tells personal things about him to strangers he shouldn’t trust yet and how he’s clueless about a lot of stuff. Oh, and it should be obvious that Benny lied to Crow about meeting Modra after leaving Zeus: he even lies about Modra’s name to protect him.

- Modra about his sexuality and coming out: "This is going to sound such a cliché, but I’ve always known. I’ve never felt attraction to women, so I figured pretty early on that I’m gay. I didn’t really come out, because I’ve always been the way I am. My parents… well, they hoped a lot of things from me, and being gay was certainly not one of them.”

- Modra is very vulnerable to peer pressure and easily jumps on bandwagons.

- Modra’s family is Jewish, but they are very secular.

- Benny knows the situation between Modra and his ex-boyfriend. He certainly knows more about Modra’s personal life than Modra knows about his, because Modra is a person who (over)shares a lot of things about his life. They are friends and Modra has told Benny some of his most personal things, but not everything.

- Modra was meant to be left-handed, but when we started doing the comic, it got lost in the details, so he is now right-handed. Unfortunately.

- Modra would nope out SO FAST even at the suggestion of BDSM.

- Modra is more submissive, but he hates penetrative sex. He doesn’t enjoy it, so he doesn’t do it.

- Modra is extremely lightweight.

- Modra is very clueless, blue-eyed, naïve and lacks street smarts BIG TIME. Although he's far away from stupid, he's more of a book-smarts kind of a person. His privileged and sheltered upbringing has made him clueless about a lot of mundane, survival-related things.

- Modra is incapable of staying mad for a long time.

- Morda is extremely mellow and happy-go-lucky person, so it's very hard to piss him off. But he can get really angry if someone betrays his trust.


- Ramona's name doesn’t really have any other reason or meaning behind it aside from “it just popped into my head”. Her last name is "Taylor". It hasn't been brought up in the comic, but since one could figure out from Ramona and Mav's flashback that they're maybe better off to stay in hiding and maybe use new names that aren't in military files...

Ramona was trained as a seamstress. Very useful skill! She took a last name that is literally her profession. She makes most of her clothes herself from scavenged fabrics and despairs over Maverick not giving her permission to mend his.

Her real last name will likely remain in obscurity along with Maverick's real full name.

- Ramona takes after her mom's looks.

- Ramona would totally go for some truth or dare and just attempt to dare everyone to kiss one another.

- Maverick calls Ramona "mama", her friends occasionally call her "Mona".

- Ramona's a lesbian. [And since this was specifically asked,] She's been with trans women.

- She’s not really the marrying type, so you better be wealthy and self-sufficient woman who wields lots of power to get her to consider.

- Orange is Ramona’s favorite color. She rarely dresses in anything else but warm yellows, oranges, reds and browns, sometimes with black thrown in to balance everything.

- Ramona's very open about casual sex.

- Ramona has only done the couple of years of basic civilian school offered in her small zone. After that her elderly neighbors taught her to sew and she became very interested and eventually very good at it.

- Ramona's mother was very absent from her birth.

- Re: Ramona and her girlfriend Sofie she lost contact with after they left Hades: they were at the dating stage, so they weren't yet strictly speaking “together”. Ramona wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted a more serious relationship yet because Sofie was not the kind of girl she usually goes for, so she wanted to get to know her better first. Sofie worked as a bouncer at one of the many bars in Hades: she was abrasive, hot-headed and while her strong go-getter tough-as-nails personality is something Ramona really likes, there were lots of stuff she was a bit iffy about Sofie, like her constant tendency to get into (physical) fights. (It’s not that she was particularly violent or that she’d ever hit anyone who didn’t start a fight, but if she needed to take someone down by force, she absolutely would, and Ramona just doesn’t like violence at all). Ramona still liked a lot of things about Sofie, like how’s she was very loyal, open and outgoing and her sense of humor and the soft, cute and cuddly side under the tough bouncer guise and they had lots of fun (and amazing sex) together, so they were cautiously approaching the “should we or should we not actually get together” line.

And then Ramona had to leave Hades and it's unknown what became of Sofie.

- Ramona and Hades' mob boss de facto leader Moreau have a complicated relationship that occasionally includes a dumb amount of one-upmanship. Yes, they've slept together. More than once.


- In the military Wight was never high on protocol or rules, so his judgment as a soldier was that of a twenty-something dude who was more concerned getting laid than doing his job properly and fortunately he also had his CO (Cotton) in his pocket.

- Wight didn't kill the twins because for the first time in his life he met people who are just like him (sentient undead) but nothing like him (cannibalistic murderers). Ratan taunted Wight how he's a "nightmare" and a "monster", Wight leaving the twins alive was his complete denial of that: that he is not a monster and nothing like the twins, who would've, were the roles reversed, killed (captured) Wight and his friends without hesitation.

It was a selfish act of mercy just to convince himself that he will not be like the twins although they are the same.

- Wight felt like the “real” him died when he became undead, so Jonah’s dead, and that’s why he prefers that everyone, even Jenn, only call him by his old (scarily appropriate) callsign. He made an exception with Modra because Modra makes him feel more alive.

- There is a lot of ways that Modra isn’t really Wight’s type looks-wise, but it doesn’t mean Wight doesn’t find Modra attractive at all. To him Modra’s “generically handsome”.

- Wight doesn’t really have any instant turn-offs re: looks, but he finds rudeness, bad manners, pointless showing off and untrustworthiness very unattractive. (He does not like Maverick at all, lol.)

- Jonah was quite full of himself, and not always in the good self-confident way, he was quite a little shit

- What happened to Wight to make his personality change so drastically? It should be obvious after seeing his upbeat, narcissistic, cocky little shit personality in the flashback, and knowing he became undead, had to leave his home and go on a run from the military to escape execution. Literally a life-changer right there. And something might have happened to his face, necessitating the use of the mask, and shattering his self-esteem which is a tiny bit implied to have been deeply rooted in his good looks.

So it should be obvious why he’s depressed and lacks self-confidence in present. The trauma you can imagine he must have gone through was no small one, and he's only had the support of Jenn and Cotton to help him deal with it, and in the flashback it's implied that his relationship was a bit strained with both of them at the time.

- What Cotton, Robin and Modra have in common is that they’re all empathetic caretaker type of people. That might be the common ground re: what is Wight’s taste in men when looks are not in the equation.

- Wight doesn't eat or drink. He CAN eat and drink and occasionally does so to keep up appearances, but he doesn't get anything out of it since his gastrointestinal tract does not work and he has to vomit everything up later so that whatever food he ate doesn't go bad and start smelling. He also can’t get drunk anymore.

- Wight is the most unreliable narrator in the entire comic.

- I gave Jenn a name before I gave one to Wight, so for him I chose a name that was similar to hers because they are siblings. Jenna and Jonah. Their last name Reid was also just something that sounded “right” for them and doesn’t have any special meaning. Wight’s callsign choice has been very deliberate, you can read about the etymology of the word "wight" on the dictionary of your choosing or check out e.g. Wikipedia for some more background info.

- Wight’s probably had a threesome or two before he became what he is.

- Wight doesn’t seem to have any kind of urges to eat other people like the twins.

- Wight's practiced lie for occasions where he has to explain why he’s wearing the mask is that he has a respiratory infection that makes it hard for him to breathe without the half-mask and its filters.

- Wight's sense of smell is bad and he can't taste anything. His other senses seem to function fine, but he doesn't feel pain.

- Wight doesn't breathe, but has learned to do it if needed to keep up appearances. He of course knows HOW to breathe because he also knows how to speak.

- Wight has normal nervous tics in his speech. He uses lots of filler words (um, uh), repeats random short words or the first sound of random words. It’s not a real stutter. It gets worse when he's very nervous, upset or stressed and disappears almost entirely if he’s completely at ease or very sure of himself.

The actual speech problem he has, which the very fictional and science-fiction-y vocal filter inside his mask compensates for, is that he can’t pronounce labial consonants, mainly bilabials, and can only somewhat approximate labiodentals. That is why he skips letters and even tries to replace words when he doesn't wear the mask in chapter four.

The filter in the mask recreates and substitutes the sounds he cannot produce and makes it sound like he speaks with little trouble when he wears the mask. It also makes him sound a little robotic, like he's on autotune all the time. THIS was something we forgot about at the start of the comic, like Modra’s left-handedness, and when we realized we had forgotten, we were too far into the comic to fix it. It’s mentioned in chapter three when Maverick says you can’t understand anything from Wight’s robotic mumbling and I think that’s it. We will, at some point, (and at least for the possible printed version), go back and have Modra address Wight’s robotic-sounding voice at the very beginning of the comic to make the existence of the filter and Wight’s “weird” voice clear from the get-go. And yes the filter exists for the sole reason of avoiding from having to write out Wight’s speech without labial consonants and other related phonetic fuckery throughout the entire comic. Because that would have been a nightmare. Wight, can you say “impossible”.

- Wight about realizing his sexuality: “For me it was sort of, um… obvious from the moment I was attracted to someone, because that someone happened to be another boy. I was something like twelve maybe? It was, um, a bit confusing, yeah, at first, because my classmates all had a crush on this one popular girl in class and, um, it, felt a bit weird I didn’t find her special at all. But I told Jenn, because I tell everything to her, a-and she told me what I’m feeling is completely normal, so with her support I just… came into terms with it. She’s always sorta had wisdom beyond her years, you know.

“Hehe it ended up in a complete disaster when I told the other boy though, he, um, he didn’t really feel the same way, but at least he had the decency to not tell anyone else so other kids didn’t start teasing me or anything. I’ve never felt attraction to a girl, so…”

- Wight about what kind of relationships he's had: "Cute, innocent, naïve, shallow, um, selfish, tumultuous, hot, dirty, passionate, somewhat shitty, somewhat perfect, something um, something worth sticking with until unforeseeable future… think of uh, any adjective that you could describe a relationship with a-and I’m pretty sure it’ll apply to one of them.“

- Wight's done the mandatory 8 years of military training, (he didn't have very good grades). Wight wanted to become a scout and started training for it, but he ended up in a spec-ops sniper team because of his skill in sharpshooting.

- Wight wears a regular leather biker suit, so it doesn’t have any, for example, bullet-stopping capabilities. If he were to drive really fast on a motorcycle and fall down he’d just be saved from some serious road rash.

- Wight is pronounced /wa?t/, rhymes with white.

- Wight's relationship with Robin was pretty nice and “normal”. Robin made Wight “settle down” somewhat and they were together for two years: the longest relationship Wight’s had (he’s had three boyfriends he counts as actual boyfriends and several one-night stands or just relationships based on nothing but the mutual desire to have sex). Robin made Wight rethink some of his values and he was probably the first person Wight actually romantically cared about, or loved even.

- Wight is very dominant and likes to be in charge (you’ll find that hard to believe now), but he also loves taking it up the ass while he’s at it.


- Abby was deliberately given a genderless name. It's not shortened from their deadname, and their deadname will never be revealed. Their last name Di Martino I came up with on the fly during the RP because they suddenly needed one, so it has absolutely no deeper meaning behind it, only that I wanted it to sound somewhat mediterranean.

- We will never reveal Abby's gender assigned at birth, as it is not relevant (and I don't know what it is, I've never thought about it and will continue to not think about it). Abby is gender-nonconforming nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns, end of story.

- Abby is very good at singing.

- Abby was left-handed so they had to learn to use their right hand after they lost their left arm.

- The story of the missing arm, because I'm not sure if this will come up in the comic: when the scout squad Abby was part of was ambushed by undead, Abby got bit in the hand. Their friend Vee chopped off their arm immediately before the infection had the time to spread. Two other members were bitten and were used as a diversion to allow Abby, Vee and two remaining members of the squad to escape. It was a stroke of luck the squad then ran into Fen Mills' cranes and Fen Mills' physician-back-then saved Abby's life. In exchange of their life they got stuck at Fen Mills with Vee. The two others who were part of their squad disappeared within few weeks and Vee was taken to the powers that be because of her unique skillset. Abby poisoned the current physician and made it look like an accident so that they could take their place as Fen Mills' medical professional and keep in contact with Vee.

- Abby doesn’t drink alcohol at all.


- The triple message at the end of chapter 8 is actually because the twins can't read or write: having been orphaned before they were taught and growing up in the wilds they didn't have the chance (or really the interest) to learn. So they made the soldiers write them the message they wanted to carve into them AND whatever more they wanted to say went into the letter.

Also Ratan has a flair for the dramatic.

- We don't know if the twins actually enjoy cannibalism in the form of complete dominance over their victims or do they have the same pointless need to feed as regular zombies.

- Ratan has bad eyesight but excellent hearing. Tora seems to have all senses intact, but she is so passive she only does what Ratan tells her and doesn' react on her own until Ratan is hurt or incapacitated

- Ratan's musical theatre references are just that: he isn't canonically into musical theatre but I was really into old musicals when we were drawing chapter 5 and I put that one fitting part from Don't Rain on My Parade into the comic and it became a thing.

- Ratan is not into any kind of people, the concept of attraction is completely lost to him. To him people are food or paychecks or something to be used.

You might be able to “kiss” him, but you also then subject yourself to the infection, and because Ratan doesn’t understand or even know what kissing is, you also risk getting bitten in the face. Same with Tora.

- We ham-fisted the foreshadowing of the twins' eventual return(s), obviously they will show up again since they were left alive.

And while Wight didn't kill them, he was really cruel in leaving them alive: Ratan can’t walk without aid, he has a nice hole through his torso, and it remains to be seen what sort of injuries Tora sustained (the thing with the pitchfork is that it’s possible it missed her spine and the important nerves bundled there, but she was at the barn’s doorway when the whole structure went kaboom). Unfortunately there’s no way to help them: the injuries are there to stay and something they’ll just have to deal with. Their bodies can’t fix the wounds or mend the bones anymore, and they cannot exactly seek out medical help without revealing that they’re undead (which is obviously something they’ve managed to keep a secret since it was strongly implied that they were hired by Crow himself). One thing’s for sure, they are angry (but towards whom exactly, well… that remains to be seen!).

We would in fact love to use the twins as recurring villains, but it’s difficult, because if everyone has guns at their disposal the twins are almost too easy to kill, and if no one has guns then the twins are ridiculously overpowered. It’s a huge balancing act to use them without breaking suspension of disbelief.

Don’t feel too sorry for them, though: their backstory is tragic, they’re traumatized and victims of awful circumstances, but they’ve still done pretty reprehensible things they shouldn’t get a “get out of jail free” card for no matter how horrible their lives have been. But that goes for pretty much everyone in the comic: it’s a bit of a recurring theme. Point: things are pretty gray.

- The twins’ reactions to the injuries inflicted by Wight were more surprise than pain.

- The twins are supposed to be rather ambiguous in every way including their race, but they’re mixed.

- Ratan got super lucky on the teeth department though, haha, and I think the same old zombie magic that keeps undead bodies from rotting has kept his pearly whites pristine.

- The twins are basically agender (gender is irrelevant to them because they’re undead, and it’s doubtful it was a big deal to them even before that: they just use pronouns and gendered words they’re used to using).

- Ratan is pronounced /?r?t?n/, not "rotten", although it's close. In “rotten” the second vowel is usually dropped or it becomes a schwa depending on your accent (/???tn?/ or /???t.?n/). “Tora” is pronounced with a rolling r as well, /?tor?/. If you know Japanese, it's pronounced the exact same way as tora, "tiger".

- The twins don’t suffer from any mental disorders specifically (which is why Ratan’s behavior is a bit all over the place and the symptoms he exhibits don’t add up or fall in line with any one specific disorder), but they’re not exactly the paragons of mental health either, which should be obvious. Ratan is a melting pot of comorbidity. Their issues go waaaay past our range of mental disorders and into neurodegenerative diseases and they’ve been traumatized several times over.

- Ratan's warped speech bubbles should be read like he stresses wrong syllables, changes the pitch and volume of his voice arbitrarily and his intonation is all over the place.

- The twins are immortal as undead and they don’t age, which goes for all undead, including the feral regular ones as well as sentient ones such as themselves or Wight. Numerous undead that were alive (or “alive”) during the apocalypse likely still exist in old cities.

The twins were actually born not long after the apocalypse (since you could assume from their story that the military wasn’t yet organized enough to protect their small home village), so they’d be around 60-70 years old (how old they are physically is completely unknown, likely late twenties, early/mid thirties?).



- Crow’s original name was Stormcrow, but I eventually just changed it into Crow because stormcrow was just a little bit too... it sounds like a main character. And Crow is not, he is supposed to be a little forgettable. His current callsign, Copperhead, is deliberately one of the common names for the same snake known also as cottonmouth, denoting him sort of "inheriting" Cotton’s mantle. He didn’t have a real name for a long time, in the end I chose a name usually given to girls to give him a reason – just like Cotton has his – to prefer the use of his callsign, the dumbass misogynistic reason being that he doesn’t like his unisex name. Also, a shotgun, which is fine and he usually goes as A. Remington when callsign is not an option.

- Crow's white and bisexual. You didn't hear it from me but it's canon that he had a crush on Cotton.

- Crow is 184 cm tall, weight around 90 kg, age 36. He’s not married and doesn’t have children. His eyes are brown. The blind one is effectively dead and should look a lot more icky because it’s actually dried up. He cannot blink the eye at all.

His facial paralysis is not Bell’s palsy, it’s permanent, caused by the fracture to his temporal lobe when Cotton shot him in the head. He was saved from death or further brain damage only because he was wearing a helmet at the time. He doesn’t wear an eye patch or something similar over his dead eye because he feels it intimidates people, which helps at his job.

He attempts to come off as pleasant and amicable to the people he likes, but you’ve seen underneath it all he’s selfish, manipulative, authoritative and somewhat sadistical and he does not like it when things don't go his way. He’s very smart and has an excellent tactical mind, but he’s prone to extreme jealousy and he often acts without thinking out of anger or frustration. He’s wholly dedicated to the military but lately his personal interests (vengeance) has made him stray from standard protocol a little. He’s not a nice man, but he’s not wholly evil either: he’s just very, very bent on getting revenge on people who wronged him. As usual, things aren’t so black and white in No End.

- Crow carries a small concealed sidearm under his trademark coat. A .32 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver.

- Crow comes from a military family in Hecate. He transferred to Nyx at very early age for his military training.


- Robin is also a callsign, in case someone didn’t figure it out (and it comes from this particularly cheerful little nursery rhyme: what bearing, if any, that has on canon I won’t say). His real name is Makaio.

- He was a medic at Nyx under Cotton’s command (in the same company as Wight and Jenn). He's originally from Zeus, where he received the basics of medical training.

- He's the same age as Wight.

- He and Wight had a relationship that lasted for three years or so.


- Naming conventions with the big-name military families can get really weird at Zeus: there’ll be a character named Cephei Alfirk. He's called Ceph (pronounced /?si?f/) and you've seen pictures of him. He has the constellation Cassiopeia tattooed to his cheek and I think his is about the most convoluted name in the comic.


- Sarah gets her last name (Silva) from the Bond villain in Skyfall.

- Sarah, who is fifteen years old, identifies as straight at the start of her character arc.

- Sarah is a very good singer.

- She is somehow connected to Jerry.


- Moreau is not a drug lord per se, she’s a de facto leader of Hades and mob boss (or more like the person in charge of what the military would consider organized crime just because she’s not one of theirs: she’s also a huge part in keeping Hades safe, providing jobs, helping with trade, etc).

Drug trade is just something she handles along with everything else (regulating trade, running bars, shops and inns, selling guns, prostitution, protection fees from people she needs to keep subservient, blackmail, keeping the military the fuck away, etc), because someone needs to make sure drugs go where they’re supposed to and not, for example, to kids or the poor who do not have the money to keep paying. I know that’s exactly how it works in our world: you get people addicted to your stuff so that they keep coming back to you for more and you get to make more money, but in No End’s world it’s not profitable to anyone if kids or people who cannot pay keep getting high. They will cause trouble when they need the money to get their next hit because the same people who run the drug trade – such as Moreau – also own many places and businesses in town. Basically they only sell drugs to people they know can keep the money coming one way or the other and usually cut down or buy out independent street peddlers very quickly.

That is how it works in independent zones, anyway. In bigger military zones drug trade functions differently.