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Plaintext for the letter, in case it is difficult to read:


I'm so sorry I didn't say proper good-bye to you, I feel terrible. However, I need the military and my position here to convince them to help with Fen Mills. I can't risk meeting with you while you're staying near.

I don't know if getting the military to help is possible, considering most people here have moved to Hades: an order that came from General Kirkland himself (there's something going on, and I don't like it. The military seems to have... changed, in the five years I was away). I said that I will bring an army and I meant it. If the military won't take action, I will find something else.

I hope you can forgive me. I came to respect and admire you during our brief time together. I owe you my life and more. We will meet again and I'll have a chance to ask you out like I was planning to.

[...] that is something you'd like, as well.

- Abby

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