Posted October 31, 2019 at 8:42 pm


Also about the lack of updates during the past few weeks: this is not a hiatus. This won't last for months. It's just that a lot of stuff came up at the same time and we wanted to take some time off.

Erli adopted two rescue cats and has been under a lot of stress (to the point of getting sick). Taking care of the kitties and being a new cat-mom isn't easy, but it's getting better! Kromi's dealing with their usual mental bullshit and trying to executive dysfunction in a bipolar mood hell their way through the days.
Also a lot of games and books we've been waiting for came out/are coming out right now and we're taking a break to actually play/read them and try to de-stress ourselves while enjoying something good. So far looking pretty good.

We'll return to updates during November.

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